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Global scale, local care

Zurich Financial Services Australia (Zurich Australia & New Zealand) is the local arm of Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) – a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. For 100 years, Zurich Australia & New Zealand has combined global expertise with local care to provide leading wealth and insurance solutions for our customers. We are passionate about our purpose to ‘create a brighter future together’ and use our resources to contribute to the communities in which we serve through disaster resilience, community partnerships and sustainability.

Who we are

With about 55,000 employees, Zurich Group provides a wide range of property and casualty, life insurance products and services in more than 215 countries and territories. Zurich’s customers include individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies, as well as multinational corporations.

Zurich Group continues to deliver strong, sustainable performance. In 2020, Zurich delivered a business operating profit (BOP) of USD4.2bn. Further detail on our global financial performance for 2020 can be found here.

Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (ZURN), is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has a level I American Depositary Receipt (ZURVY) program, which is traded over-the-counter on OTCQX.

At Zurich Australia & New Zealand, we apply global strength to solving local needs and are passionate about helping customers understand and protect themselves against risk. Our customers include individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies, as well as multinational corporations.

Our Australian story dates back to 1921, when the Commonwealth General Assurance Corporation Ltd (CGA) was incorporated in New South Wales. In 1961, CGA became part of the Zurich Insurance Group. Our Australian business has since grown significantly, employing more than 1600 people across Australia and New Zealand who share our commitment to always placing our customers' needs at the center of our business.

On 1 June 2019, ANZ’s life and consumer credit insurance business, OnePath Life was formally acquired by Zurich. This created one of Australia’s largest life insurers, with a combined Australian heritage of more than 200 years.

Financial strength

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is the prudential regulator of the Australian financial services industry. APRA establish and enforce prudential standards and practices on the institutions they supervise in order to protect the financial interests of the Australian community.

The Capital Adequacy Prudential Standards (LPS 110 and GPS 110) require an insurance company to maintain adequate capital against the risks associated with its activities. A key feature of the standards is also a requirement that the insurer make certain public disclosures about its capital adequacy position.

The capital disclosures below have been prepared for the purpose of satisfying these requirements and to improve the understanding of policy owners and other market participants of each company’s capital adequacy.

What we care about


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Zurich Financial Services Annual Reports

These reports can be accessed on our parent company's website.

These documents provide information in relation to:

  • The financial services we are authorised to provide you under our Australian Financial Services Licenses and the kinds of financial products to which those services relate
  • How we, and any other relevant parties, are paid
  • The associations we have with the issuers of financial products
  • Our internal and external dispute resolution procedures and how you can access them
  • How you can give us instructions.

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