Risk reduction strategies

Help your clients better manage their risks with these practical guides

Flood-proofing your client's property

Floods can be devastating for property and business owners, but the extent of damage can often be significantly reduced with some good planning and preventative measures.

Risk reduction strategies for importers

Companies importing goods from any foreign country need to have comprehensive safeguards in place to ensure product safety and thereby lessen their liability and recall risks.

Chemistry lessons for every business

Allowing hazardous substances to come into contact with water, air or each other can have deadly consequences - your clients should take great care when handling and storing chemicals.

Risk reduction strategies for exporters

Making an export sale can be difficult enough, but then there's the delivery to organise and ensuring you get paid for your efforts. Here are some important insurance issues your exporter clients need to consider when negotiating their terms of trade.

Storm-proofing your property - reducing your risks

While severe storms may be a fact of life in many parts of Australia, there are some simple measures your clients can take to minimise their property damage and reduce their risks of business interruption.

Getting your clients in shipshape

In a hardening marine insurance market, there are some simple steps your exporter and importer clients can take to keep a lid on their premiums, such as getting their contracts in order.

Fraud crime stoppers

While the infamous Madoff Ponzi scheme has raised client concerns about the financial stability of service providers, company executives need to examine whether their own risk management practices would be enough to detect internal fraud.

Reducing your clients' risks of arson

A fire can wreak havoc on the best managed business and many companies never recover from the setback. Here's how to help your commercial clients avoid falling prey to a firebug and also how to spot an opportunistic arson insurance fraud in the making.