Risk Management Tools

Helping you understand and minimise risks.

Our suite of powerful tools helps us to work closely with you and share valuable risk insights. To access these tools, please contact your Zurich representative.


Z Track

See your claims progress and history and create reports 24/7 for Motor, Workers Compensation, Property, Liability and Marine.

Z Fleet Navigator

Unique for Zurich fleet customers, Z Fleet Navigator is an online system that enables monitoring, measuring, reviewing and reporting on many areas of a fleet’s performance.


My Zurich

A secure, online customer portal that helps you control your global insurance program. View policies, invoices, claims and risk management assessments in one place.

Zurich Global Program Support

Your global guide for structuring and reviewing compliance requirements for your international insurance program. Part of the MyZurich portal.

Zurich Risk Room

A powerful global risk assessment tool that enables you to analyze and compare risks across different countries. It draws on data sources from across the globe that are continually updated to assess your international operations. Accessed via the MyZurich portal.

Zurich Resilience Solutions

Zurich Risk Advisor

A valuable digital tool that empowers businesses to identify, understand and improve the risks in their workplace.

Risk Assessment Methodology

Review your management systems for gaps and areas of improvement using Zurich Hazard Analysis. 

Risk Features

Insight into main risk factors assessed by our risk engineers. 

Virtual Risk Manager - Fleet

An online driver safety management system which helps companies manage their occupational road risk and promote a crash-free culture.

Fatigue Risk Management

Identify and manage the workplace risks associated with fatigue.

Training Snippets

Provide short, concise and effective training videos for your employees to demonstrate the correct way to carry out workplace activities.

Zurich Benchmarking

Helps you to have a deeper understanding of risk across all of your locations, and highlights priority areas for improvement. It is a key element of our support at the risk insight stage.