Zurich Resilience Solutions

Through Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS), our risk engineers and consultants can take the guesswork out of assessing risk for businesses.

Reducing risk, ramping up resilience

ZRS draws from experienced risk engineers and consultants in the business to tailor a package of services to help companies across a wide range of industries manage their risks and become more resilient.

In addition, we engage with specialist third parties where appropriate.


Our in-house team of experts have industry, business and specific risk specialisations. We work with our underwriting and claims teams to understand a customer’s challenges and issues, and then work together on effective solutions.


Taking a data-led approach, we undertake risk assessments as well as provide risk insights, globally consistent peer benchmarking and claims analysis, which means our recommended actions are specific to your needs.

Digital Tools

All our customers can access our award-winning digital tools including:

  • My Zurich, which is a secure, online global risk management centre that helps you control your insurance and risk engineering programs
  • Zurich Risk Advisor, a valuable digital tool that supports brokers in providing on-site or remote risk assessments and advice to their clients
  • Our Remote Collaboration tool, enabling us to perform a virtual visit of your site to complete a risk assessment when we can’t visit you in person.


We offer several training services that cater for a range of organisational needs.

An experienced consultancy team, working with you across a broad range of risks

Zurich can help businesses better understand their motor fleet operations and exposures, as well as evaluate existing management controls. Our aim is to reduce their total cost of risk over time. With carefully selected third parties, we provide solutions for coaching, training and driver behaviour technology, to complement our in-house expertise at conducting motor fleet risk assessments. Our risk grading scores are used to articulate overall risk quality and benchmark those results with other fleets.  

Our Risk Engineers use data to identify and understand driver risks, which can help businesses to develop and sustain a positive safety culture. More importantly, we can help manage the human factor to risk by improving hiring practices and training as well as reducing turnover.

Zurich knows that protecting property is about more than just buildings, equipment and stock. It’s also about protecting customers’ businesses, income and market position. We can provide assessments, data, tools and insights that can help businesses stay on top of existing and emerging property risks.

Zurich has been around long enough to know that fires at business properties are all too common, resulting in devastating property damage and putting the lives of employees at risk. Through our Risk Engineers, we can help businesses to put in place appropriate safety measures to help them avoid serious losses.

Often, after a major incident, the business interruption that follows can be more devastating. With reduced or no revenue, it is a challenge to ensure the fixed costs are met, and that a quick return to production can be achieved. Zurich can assess the likelihood and impact an interruption can bring, as well as determine the efficacy of existing controls such as Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plans. Not only can we advise on how to prevent a loss to property and assets from occurring, we can help customers better prepare for these events. So, when they do happen, interruptions are reduced, making the operations of a business more resilient.

Zurich understands that a strong worker safety program protects the backbone of every business. Our Risk Engineers can provide businesses with risk assessments, insights, solutions and training to help minimise work-related injuries and reduce claim costs. They also have the local knowledge to assist customers with the challenges of workers’ compensation regulations.

Zurich can help businesses keep their cargo safe and logistics flowing. Zurich’s Risk Engineering team can provide tailored advice and solutions to protect your client’s cargo against international and domestic risks whether in storage or in transit.

Zurich knows all too well how the ever-changing risk landscape makes liability insurance a notoriously complex area to navigate. As an established player with experience and expertise, our Risk Engineering team can provide data, tools and insights in light of developing regulation, litigation and emerging risks.

Zurich assists construction companies, building contractors and developers in dealing with the various risks confronting them. Some of our Risk Engineers have civil engineering backgrounds which they can apply in assessing risks and providing data and insights that can help those in the construction industry make informed decisions. This in turn can reduce physical loss and delays to contract completion, as well as improve worksite health and safety. We can also conduct timely Plan Reviews to ensure the completed construction project can be the best protected and risk managed by the time it becomes operational.

Protecting the 5 Ps

Risk engineering for a fast-changing world

Zurich recognises that organisations around the world need to be resilient in a world that is changing at a rapid rate. Our newest offering, Climate Change Resilience Services, assesses the pressing threat to businesses and society posed by global warming and related extreme weather events. In addition, our Supply Chain Risk Management Services (in partnership with supply chain risk professionals risk methods) and our Cyber Security Services can offer local in-house assessments and additional third party expertise.

Climate Change Resilience Services

We see natural weather events occurring more frequently and with increasing devastation. They can impact a business’ ability to operate, put lives at risk, and prevent products and services from being delivered. Increasingly businesses are focusing on their impact on the environment from both a corporate responsibility and sustainability point of view. We can help, by providing insights into a range of weather event exposures and advice for future planning. Businesses are empowered to make informed decisions that help to lessen the impact of these events in the future. We share our knowledge and expertise, as well as our own corporate fundamentals, so that our customers can continue to thrive and grow with more certainty.

Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Upstream or downstream, a business’ customer or supplier network can be complex yet volatile, and prone to disruption by a wide range of circumstances. Zurich’s Risk Engineers can help our customers to:

  • Evaluate exposures to supply chain
  • Assess existing controls and alternatives
  • Create solutions that help to reduce the impact on operations when disruption occurs - no matter how remote.


Zurich Risk Advisor helps you manage risk

If you’re after a quick risk assessment, the Zurich Risk Advisor app is a digital tool that supports brokers in providing on-site or remote risk assessments and advice to their clients. 

It’s not just brokers who can use Zurich Risk Advisor. Companies of any size can also conduct self-risk assessments on their business without assistance.

Self-risk assessment reports are available for:

  • Workers’ Injury Risks
  • Property (Fire)
  • Cyber Security
  • Motor Fleet
  • Liability

Full and light versions are available. Both produce professional assessment reports and use the same methodology used by our Risk Engineers. A full version of the assessment will also provide generic risk improvement actions. A light assessment can be done in as fast as 10 minutes.

Search for ‘Zurich Risk Advisor’ on the App Store or Google Play to download your free app today.

Discover how an award-winning app became a game-changer during the Covid crisis

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