Marine Insurance

Whether by sea, road, rail or air, Zurich can cover you and your goods.

Delivery made easy through our platform

Zurich’s platform delivers a competitive marine cargo insurance solution for your clients that saves you both time and effort, and offers full life cycle capability to quote and close your marine cargo insurance requirements.

Marine Cargo Insurance products available on include:

  • Annual Marine Cargo
  • Single Marine Cargo (overseas)
  • Single Transit (within Australia)
  • Goods in Transit – carriers
  • Goods in Transit – own vehicles
  • Specified Items in Transit
  • Household Removals
  • Carriers Cargo Liability
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Marine Cargo Insurance

Zurich’s Marine Cargo Insurance offers a wide range of products that cover the process of moving goods regardless of the mode of transport anywhere in the world.

Annual Marine Cargo Insurance for situations when your client's goods are carried by freight.

Goods in Transit (Own Vehicles) Insurance protect your client against the risks associated with moving your own goods.

Specified Items in Transit Insurance for clients that have specific tools, machinery or equipment they wish to transport themselves.

Single Transit Insurance (Within Australia) for one-off consignments of goods being moved within Australia.

Single Marine Cargo Insurance for clients seeking one-off insurance cover for import or export shipments.

Home Removals Insurance covers your client’s household goods and personal effects when moving house with a professional removalist.

Goods in Transit (Carriers) Insurance for commercial carriers seeking to cover loss or damage to their customers' goods.

Carriers Cargo Liability Insurance for protecting carriers with approved consignment notes or other contracts of carriage against their liability.

Marine Liability Insurance

Zurich’s Marine Liability insurance covers provide solutions for companies with exposures in the shipping industry and the transport supply chain domestically or internationally. This can include  port and terminal operators, logistics companies including warehousing and distribution, third party logistics and fourth party logistics, freight forwarders (arranged through Midas Insurance Brokers), ship repairers and marina operators.

Insurance and risk management services aimed at port operators due to their position in the global logistics chain possessing both marine and land-based risks.

Cover includes liability for:

  • Third parties including property damage and personal injury
  • Landlord related services
  • Operational services including pilotage, towage, marine traffic control and stevedoring
  • Fines and penalties
  • Pollution incidents
  • Errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
  • Wreck removal
  • Legal defence and other costs.

Optional cover available for:

  • Consultancy services liability
  • Berth and port blockage
  • Port vessel including hull and P&I
  • Infringement of personal rights liability

Insurance and risk management services designed to protect cargo handlers and marine terminal operators from their liability exposures.

Cover includes liability for:

  • Loss or damage to cargo and containers including consequential loss
  • Errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
  • Damage to third party property including cargo, wharfs and equipment
  • Fines and penalties
  • Operational services including lifting, marshalling, storage and distribution

This comprehensive legal liability insurance product is specifically designed to address the complexities of the transport and logistics industries.

Cover includes liability for:

  • Loss or damage to cargo and customers equipment including consequential loss
  • Third parties including property damage and personal injury
  • Fines and penalties
  • Pollution incidents
  • Errors and omissions including delay and consequential loss
  • Legal, defence and other costs

Optional cover includes: 

  • Tenant’s legal liability
  • Infringement of personal rights
  • Consultancy services
  • Products

Tailored for ship repairers who are responsible for watercraft and equipment in their care, custody and control, as well as damage to third party property and personal injury arising in the course of their operations.

Cover includes liability for:

  • Products
  • Watercraft in care, custody and control
  • Pollution, including clean-up costs
  • Consequential loss and loss of use of damaged watercraft
  • Removal of wreck.

Tailored insurance solutions to protect marina operators that are exposed to risks emerging from their broad range of marine services, such as berthing, mooring, storage, fuelling, ship repair and maintenance.

Cover includes liability for:

  • Watercraft in care, custody and control
  • Ship repair, storage, moorings, hauling out and fuelling services
  • Movement of vessels not exceeding 40kms from business address
  • Pollution, including clean-up costs
  • Consequential loss and loss of use of damaged watercraft
  • Removal of wreck.

Provides cover for the contractual obligations and liability exposures faced by the charterers of vessels. This includes legal liabilities to the vessels or cargo owner for loss or damage and for third party liabilities faced by charterers.

Cover includes liability for:

  • Damage to chartered vessel
  • Damage to third party property such as wharfs and docks
  • Damage to cargo
  • Pollution
  • Personal injury
  • General average and salvage.

How to make a Marine and Transit claim

Whatever Marine Insurance you’ve taken out with Zurich, find the correct form for your claim. Then send your completed claim forms to your broker or directly to us by one of the following options.


Post: Zurich Financial Services, Locked Bag 2138, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2059

Phone: 132 687

Our online claims reporting tool Z Track allows you to quickly and easily track the progress of your marine claims 24/7.  Find out more

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