Energy Insurance

Zurich has the underwriting and risk engineering know-how to tailor the right insurance for clients across a range of segments within the onshore energy industry.

Flexible risk appetite across many segments 

The energy industry is one of the most volatile in terms of hazards and business risks. Australia is seen as one of the five major global energy hubs – alongside London, Singapore, Dubai and North America. 

Zurich can provide a broad yet consistent insurance strategy for clients, underpinned by its technical excellence, by sticking to three key elements: Risk Selection, Risk Quality and Risk Engineering

Through our segment experts, we can protect clients across: 

  • Mining 

  • Power generation and transmission 

  • Mid and downstream oil and gas 

  • Molten metal refining 

  • Chemical manufacturing 

  • Pulp and paper 

Specialised risk engineering expertise 

Zurich’s risk engineers have significant experience in the Energy sector, with specialised knowledge to help customers manage today’s complex energy risks.

Our risk engineering services include assessments & risk mitigation services for :

  • Enterprise risk management 

  • Property & Equipment Assets 

  • Business Continuity & Resilience 

  • Plant & Machinery reliability 

  • Occupational Health & Safety 

  • Natural hazards  

  • Climate Change Resilience & Sustainability 

  • Mobile Plant & Commercial Vehicle Fleets 

  • Construction 

Local technical underwriting capability 

Zurich’s team of underwriters have the expertise and authority to make decisions locally without the need for referrals outside the country in most cases.

Tailored claims support 

Zurich has both internal expertise and access to a strong network of external/third party technical advisers.

Zurich’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 

In recognition of the need to address global warming, Zurich’s sustainability and climate change strategy means we’ll only provide services in Energy industries that are taking meaningful steps towards lowering their carbon footprint and moving towards sustainability. 

Zurich also recently launched its dedicated Climate Change Resilience Services to help businesses tackle climate change risks.  

Energy Insurance works well with…

Zurich Resilience Solutions

Through Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS), our risk engineers and consultants can take the guesswork out of assessing risk for medium to large businesses.

Risk Management Tools

Our suite of powerful tools helps you to understand and minimise risks and enables us to work closely with you and share valuable risk insights.