Data Insights with ZTrack Reporting | Unlocking the Power of Z Track

Presenter: Jamie Giles - Claims Account Manager GI Claims, Zurich
Gary Wolstencroft - Principal Risk Engineer, Zurich Resilience Solutions

Data analytics is integral to insurance broking because it allows the creation of evidence-based strategy, a better understanding of customers and enables targeted intervention initiatives.

Brokers that can that take advantage of the data insights have a competitive advantage because they are able to make faster changes when required and make more informed data-driven decisions to improve claims costs and reduce premiums for clients.

This session takes you inside Zurich's ZTrack portal for an understanding of the power of this online reporting tool while claims and risk experts share what insights can be drawn from the data.

This webinar covers:

  • How and when to use data to improve claims performance
  • Using trend development to drive improvement plans
  • Identifying resources to help reduce the potential for claims to occur