Our strategy

Our strategy positions Zurich for success over the long term. It builds on our unique footprint, solid financial position, balanced portfolio trusted brand and the skills, strengths and expertise of our people. And, it draws on our purpose and values. These clearly articulate why we are in business and how we set out to achieve our goals, always putting those who depend on us in the center.

Our long-term strategy

Focus on customers

Our transformation to become a truly customer-led company is well underway and we have established a platform from which to evolve and grow.


We have successfully simplified our business and operations, to make better use of our resources.


We are adapting to make sure we continue to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and needs.

Our business model works to deliver benefits for our stakeholders

  • We manage claims
  • We underwrite and manage risk
  • We manage reserves
  • We invest and deliver returns
  • We serve customers and distribute through multiple channels

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